Project Description

Visual Studio Style PropertyGrid for Silverlight 4.
For the latest version for Silverlight 5, and with a lot of new features see Silverlight Property Grid 5

  • Built against the Silverlight 4.0 RTM.
  • Now supports Collections and includes a Collection Editor
  • Built against the Silverlight 3.0 RTM. Download source here
  • From a visual perspective this PropertyGrid looks the same as SLG30, just built against the Silverlight 4 runtime.
  • Source code included

Project review

I was looking for a VS Style Property Grid and came across the SLPropertyGrid from Denis Vuyka Original Article which was perfect, but I didn't like the standard SL Layout so this is a result of my UI modifications. It no longer uses DataTemplates but custom ContentControls.

This is the default appearance if no item is selected, similar to Visual Studio


This is a combo box editor showing an enumerated type


This is a DateTime editor with focus


This is the same DateTime editor with the dropdown open...


This is the Xaml for the test page


This is the code behind for the test page...


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